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Technical SEO Audits

that forge Marketing Superstars

A well-leveraged technical SEO audit can immediately amplify your business. At MV3 Marketing, we pride ​ourselves on a proven track record of delivering search result placement wins—fast. Our team of qualified marketing professionals can construct a roadmap that enhances your search engine placement overnight.

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Unleash the Power of a Technical SEO Audit

Stuck in Search Engine Purgatory

Your website exists, but it's lost in the digital wilderness. Keywords? Unregistered. Organic traffic? Barely a trickle. You're invisible to the search engines, and your potential customers are wandering elsewhere.

  • AI-powered crawlers: Forget manual crawls! Advanced crawlers like Deepcrawl and Botify use AI algorithms to identify broken links, crawl deeper into your website, and flag potential indexing issues.
  • Machine learning insights: Tools like Moz Pro and SEMrush leverage machine learning to analyze your website's backlink profile, identify ranking competitors, and suggest relevant keywords to target.
  • Automated reporting and prioritization: Tools like SEO Spider and Screaming Frog use AI to prioritize technical issues based on their impact on rankings, saving you time and effort.

We were stuck in Unnatural link penality with Google and 5 Agencies couldn't remove the manual penality. We engaged MV3 Marketing and penality was removed within 2 weeks of implementing their recommendations - CMO Goodshop

We provide guided step-by-step roadmap for Developers and Marketers​

Our expert crawlers will uncover the culprits: broken links, slow loading times, outdated code, and more. We'll expose the technical barriers keeping you from ranking higher and provide a clear roadmap to conquer them.

Data Driven Content & UX Strategy

I did a little experiment today: I took a blog that we did a few weeks ago, added MV3’s advice, and asked Google to reindex. It is ALREADY a featured snippet. It only took 30 minutes. That is insane. So yeah, I believe you now. Thanks! - VP of Product Marketing, Portworx

Traffic Tsunami, Conversion Drought

You attract visitors, but they're the wrong kind. Endless bounces, zero conversions – your website leaks engagement like a sieve. You're generating noise, not business.

  • AI-powered user experience analysis: Tools like Hotjar and Crazy Egg use heatmaps and recordings to track user behavior, pinpointing conversion roadblocks and suggesting content or layout improvements.
  • Natural language processing (NLP) for content optimization: Tools like MarketMuse and Surfer SEO use NLP to analyze your content against competitors and suggest improvements for topic relevance, keyword optimization, and reader engagement.
  • Dynamic SEO recommendations: Tools like Conductor and BrightEdge leverage machine learning to personalize SEO recommendations based on your specific industry, competitors, and target audience.

We'll delve into your website's structure and content, analyzing user experience and conversion funnels. We'll identify usability issues and content gaps that turn visitors away, then empower you to optimize for engagement and conversions.

Insights Based Automation & Monitoring

Algorithm Anxiety: Every Update a Rollercoaster

You live in constant fear of the next Google update, dreading the potential traffic nosedive. Your SEO strategy feels like a house of cards, built on shifting sands.

  • AI-powered website health monitoring: Tools like Semrush Sensor and SEO PowerSuite track your website's health score and alert you to potential technical issues or ranking fluctuations caused by algorithm updates.
  • Competitive intelligence and trend analysis: Tools like SpyFu and Ahrefs use AI to analyze competitor SEO strategies and identify emerging industry trends, allowing you to stay ahead of the curve and adapt your strategy accordingly.
  • Scenario planning and future-proofing: Tools like Botify's "What-If" analysis use AI simulations to predict the impact of potential algorithm changes on your website's rankings, helping you prepare proactive solutions.

We were stuck in Unnatural link penality with Google and 5 Agencies couldn't remove the manual penality. We engaged MV3 Marketing and penality was removed within 2 weeks of implementing their recommendations - CMO Goodshop

We'll analyze your website's compliance with the latest SEO best practices and prepare you for future algorithm changes. With a solid technical foundation, you'll weather any algorithmic storm and stay ahead of the curve.



If your website is 1-1,000,000 Pages
We have you covered!​


Content Strategy Review:
Foundational: High-quality, relevant content is the backbone of SEO. Google prioritizes websites that offer users valuable information and answers their queries. Provide Data-driven approaches for building content.

Crawlability and Indexability Review:
Crucial: Search engines need to access your website's pages to index them. A smooth crawl ensures all important pages are discoverable.

Sitemap Review:
Imagine: Search engine bots as explorers trying to navigate your website. Are there broken paths, dead ends, or overgrown jungles of redirects?

Robots.txt Review:
Define "robots.txt" and its role in controlling which pages bots can and cannot crawl, emphasizing proper configuration to avoid blocking valuable content.

Canonicalization Review:
Define "canonical URLs" and their role in preventing duplicate content penalties from search engines, ensuring credit goes to the right page.

Architecture Review:
Highlight the importance of a logical and user-friendly website architecture for both search engine bots and human users.

Internal Links Review:
Emphasize the power of strategic internal linking in distributing link juice, improving user navigation, and enhancing website discoverability.

Inbound Links Review:
Define "inbound links" and their importance in boosting website authority and ranking potential. Audit and Remove Low quality or Negative SEO Attacks.

Semantic Markup Review:
Define "semantic markup" and its role in providing additional context and information to search engines, potentially enhancing search result appearance and click-through rates.

Images Optimization Review:
Emphasize the importance of image optimization for improved website loading speed, accessibility, and search engine visibility.

Video Optimization Review:
Highlight the benefits of video in improving user engagement, dwell time, and potentially earning video snippets in search results.

Titles Optimization Review:
Define the role of titles and meta descriptions in influencing search engine result snippets and user click-through rates.

Meta Description Optimization Review:
Emphasize the importance of website speed for user experience and search engine ranking potential.

Site Speed and Performance Review:
Emphasize the importance of website speed for user experience and search engine ranking potential. Measure your website's loading speed, identify resource bottlenecks, and suggest optimization strategies like image compression and code minification.

Mobile UX Optimization Review:
Highlight the importance of a mobile-optimized website for attracting and engaging the majority of online users.

International & Localization Audit:
Discuss the importance of proper international SEO strategies for targeting specific geographic audiences and languages.

Local SEO Optimization Audit:
Local SEO Optimization Audit delves deeper than a general SEO audit, focusing specifically on improving your website's visibility and ranking in local search results. NAP Consistency, Local Keyword Research, Local Competitor Analysis &

Google My Business Optimization:
Claiming and optimizing your Google My Business (GMB) listing is crucial. The audit will review your GMB profile, ensuring it has accurate information, high-quality photos, positive reviews, and relevant categories chosen.

Bing Places Optimization:
Bing Places Optimization, while similar to Google My Business optimization, involves specific strategies to maximize your visibility on Bing Places for Business, the platform that helps local businesses get found on Bing and Yahoo search results.

Apple Business Optimization:
Apple Business Optimization (ABO) encompasses strategies to boost your brand and app visibility within the Apple ecosystem, focusing on the App Store and Maps.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) Audit:
Amplifies reach: Integrate your website with social media platforms to attract traffic, build brand awareness, and potentially earn social signals.

Google News Audit:
Timely indexing: Optimize your news content for fast indexing and visibility on relevant search queries. Google News is a powerful platform, holding the keys to reaching millions of news-hungry readers. But optimizing your content for Google News visibility is no walk in the park. That's where a Google News Audit comes in, shining a light on the areas that can propel your content to the top of the newsfeed.

HTTPS Migration Audit:
Security and trust: HTTPS migration enhances website security and user trust, potentially impacting ranking and user behavior.

Review Management Audit:
Encouraging and responding to online reviews, especially on Google My Business, builds trust and credibility with potential customers. The audit will assess your review management strategy and suggest ways to improve it.

Dedicated Account Manager

Dedicated Developer Support for Implementation Recommendations

18 Month Technical SEO Roadmap to Success

1 on 1 Strategy Consultations

Real Time Analytics & Log File Monitoring Setup

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24/7 Email/Slack Support

*Additional Fee for App Store Optimization (ASO) Audit (Call for Quote)

ROI of a Technical SEO Audit

Investing in a technical SEO audit might seem like just another expense, but it's actually a strategic investment with the potential for significant returns. Here's how a well-executed audit can boost your bottom line:

Immediate Benefits:

  • Uncover Hidden Gems: Identify technical issues hindering your website's ranking and user experience, like broken links, slow loading times, and mobile-friendliness problems. Fix these issues and watch your organic traffic and conversions climb.
  • SEO Roadmap: Gain a clear picture of your technical SEO strengths and weaknesses, guiding you towards prioritized actions and a focused optimization strategy.
  • Competitive Advantage: Analyze your competitors' technical SEO and exploit their vulnerabilities to outrank them and win the coveted top spots in search results.
  • Increased Organic Traffic: Improved website health and search engine visibility mean more organic visitors discovering your website, expanding your reach and potential customer base.
  • Enhanced User Engagement: A technically sound website delivers a smoother user experience, encouraging visitors to stay longer, explore more, and convert into paying customers.
  • Reduced Marketing Costs: Organic traffic is free, meaning you can rely less on paid advertising and focus your marketing budget on other high-impact initiatives.
  • Sustainable Growth: Building a strong technical SEO foundation sets your website up for long-term success, attracting consistent organic traffic and driving sustainable business growth.

Quantifying the ROI for Technical SEO Audit:

  • SEO tools like Semrush or Ahrefs: Estimate the lost traffic due to technical issues and project the potential gain after optimization.
  • Google Analytics: Track changes in organic traffic, user engagement, and conversion rates after implementing the audit's recommendations.
  • Marketing attribution models: Calculate the monetary value of organic traffic and measure the impact of the audit on your overall marketing ROI.
  • ​Not sure or don't have the time: we can provide this for YOU!

Technical SEO audit is not just a cost; it's an investment with the potential to unlock significant returns for your business. Remember, the returns on a technical SEO audit are multifaceted and not limited to just increased traffic. Improved user experience, increased brand trust, and a future-proof SEO strategy are all valuable outcomes that contribute to your overall business success.

Customer Testimonials & Brands We Work With​

Since undergoing your technical SEO audit, our organic traffic has skyrocketed by 40%. This has translated into a significant increase in leads and sales. We're incredibly grateful for your expertise and guidance." - John Smith, CEO, TechStartupCo.

Your meticulous technical SEO audit pinpointed crucial issues holding us back from ranking higher. After implementing your recommendations, we've jumped from page 3 to page 1 for our key keywords. This newfound visibility has brought a wave of new customers." - Sarah Jones, Marketing Manager, EcomBoutique.

Our website felt slow and clunky, but your audit identified the technical bottlenecks causing the problem. Thanks to your optimizations, our website now loads lightning-fast, and our bounce rate has dropped dramatically. Our users are happier, and it shows in our conversions." - David Lee, Founder, CreativeAgency.

Investing in your technical SEO audit was the best decision we made all year. The SEO boost you delivered helped us achieve our ambitious revenue goals two months ahead of schedule. We can't thank you enough for exceeding our expectations." - Maria Garcia, Director of Operations, HospitalityChain

Your technical SEO audit was an invaluable tool for our small team. We weren't sure where to start, but your clear explanations and actionable recommendations empowered us to tackle the technical side of SEO with confidence. We're already seeing positive results!" - Emily Brown, Owner, BakeryDelight.

We needed a comprehensive and sophisticated approach to improve our website's technical SEO. Your audit went beyond the surface, diving deep into our complex infrastructure and offering customized solutions. Your expertise and attention to detail were truly impressive." - Michael Chen, VP of Digital Marketing, GlobalCorp.

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Being penalized by Google is a rite of passage in the digital marketing world. A Google Penalty, or Manual Action in their words, can be a death-knell for your site's traffic. If you spend enough time building and marketing websites, it is bound to happen sooner or later. MV3 Marketing can get your site out of Google's penalty box and back into the game.


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